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Post by Oskar on 2015-02-15, 16:05

Campaign website:
alternate (same site):

Character generator and other resources are found under USCM RPG.

Currently active platoons (playing groups) and their respective organizers are:
DU4 (Stockholm, Sweden) - Björn - @RickSChris
BF5 (Linköping, Sweden) - Oskar - @Oskar
LL11 (St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada) - Jerry - @JerBear

When you have a character you will also automatically have a login on where you can access more info about your character, print your character sheet and see some limited info on other characters. This account is created for you by an admin, Oskar or Pontus.

The account here on the forum is a separate one and you need to register it yourself if you want one.

Each platoon have their own way to organize games. If you are in town you should always feel free make a guest appearance at a local game with your regular character.

Facebook group, general discussion and socializing:

BF5 Mailling list (for the games in Linköping only):

Att svara på mailutskicket för ett "Mission announcement" är enda sättet att anmäla sig till ett BF5-mission - om det är fler intresserade än platser får de som svarar snabbast vara med.

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