Welcome LL11 (Canadian platoon)

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Welcome LL11 (Canadian platoon) Empty Welcome LL11 (Canadian platoon)

Post by Oskar on 2017-10-06, 16:50

Just wanted to say hello to our new platoon the 11th Lightning Lads and let you know it's perfectly fine to register here and write in english if you want to discuss the game among yourselves or with our swedish players.
There is usually not much action here in the forum, but it's here if anyone want to use it.

LL11 is a marine platoon with more focus towards the "black ops" style missions that we sometimes do in BF5 as well. IRL they are based in St. John's, Newfoundland so if anyone happens to pass by you have the chance to make a guest appearance. The GM is @JerBear

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Welcome LL11 (Canadian platoon) Empty Re: Welcome LL11 (Canadian platoon)

Post by JerBear on 2017-10-12, 19:59

Hello vänner,

It'll still take some time to finish my degree, so I'll be here definitely till next year. I'll try my best to make it as fun as possible for my players.

If you're still a student, do come do an exchange program here! If you're not, then come here anyway, why not.

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