The road towards USCM 1.0

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The road towards USCM 1.0 Empty The road towards USCM 1.0

Post by Oskar on 2017-12-19, 06:16

The game rules have evolved slowly over the years. In my mind I'm finally approaching what I feel could be worthy to be called a 1.0 version. This is still far from what is currently written down. It will require another major update to get there which also includes updates to Skynet and the character generator.

Some of the things I'm planning are rules for combat on squad level, reworked awareness system, new skills, update of weapon effect tables, changes in advantages, effects of injury/exhaustion, psionics. Also there will be a couple of core mechanics that will reappear in a more consistent way through the rules compared to now. There will be some physical equipment cards and maybe tokens to help keep track of things during play. For the GM I'm planning a "squad sheet" where you note down some stats that will be used on a group level during play. Also I will probably write this in english, especially now that we have our first english speaking playgroup.

The plans I have are a lot more work than what is actually needed for us to play, we have done ok with what we have so far. But I enjoy the game-design part of it as well as the playing.

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